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Our Solutions:

For the CEO

  • First 100 Days
  • Executive Coaching
  • CEO Roundtables

For the C-level Executive

  • Impact Coaching
  • Mentorship

For the Leadership Bench

  • LeaderXChange
  • Managers Matter

For the Board

  • Strategic Planning
  • Leader Transition

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CEOs - are you tired of going it alone?

Solutions for the CEO

The CEO role can be lonely, isolated, and insulated - both from the Board above and the management team below.

Surveys show that half of CEOs experience loneliness in their roles. You don't have to carry it alone. Have a high-level conversation with an advisor who's been there.

Whether you’re just getting started or you've been at it for years, we'll be a confidential sounding board. Want help navigating change and guiding your organization to success? That's why we're here. Work with us for powerful conversations that include strategic insight, brutal honesty, and sincere empathy from a seasoned former CEO.

Are you getting the results your position demands?

Solutions for C-level Executives

Leaders in executive roles share some common frustrations:

It’s hard to find strategic clarity... leadership feels overwhelming... I'm burning out.

We can help. Our clients get inspired as they gain clarity, build on their strengths, and apply the wisdom of their experience to decide where their organization is headed, determine how it will get there, and take specific action. Our clients thrive.

How strong is your organization's leadership bench?

Solutions for the Leadership Bench

Only 11% of HR leaders feel they have a strong bench to fill upcoming leadership roles.

Organizations are struggling to retain their best talent, increase employee engagement, and boost productivity. What's missing? Effective, confident leaders. We can help, with two programs to strengthen your bench through transformational learning experiences shared with a cohort of peer learners:

From our partners at HR Reliance:

LeaderXChange is a live, online, intensive program for employees preparing for future leadership roles. It develops self-awareness, skills in supervision, communication, problem solving, and relationship building. The program includes a capstone presentation to synthesize learning in practical ways. Duration is about 7 months with a cohort of six participants.

Managers Matter is a 6-week blended learning experience that combines bite-sized video lessons with live virtual challenge groups, all accessed on a high quality digital platform. It puts new or aspiring managers on the right track to lead with confidence and success. Managers Matter is scalable and affordable to organizations of any size. It requires a minimum of three participants per program, and can accommodate as many managers as desired.

In times of transition, who can you lean on?

Solutions for the Board

CEOs lean on the Board for strategic direction as they face change. Who can the Board lean on?

Reliance Leadership Strategies is here to help. Your Board of Directors will  gain strategic clarity through our objective assessments, critical methodologies, and action planning processes. Through group facilitation, we work with the senior executive leader and the Board chairperson to lead the Board through critical issues such as:

Navigating leadership transitions

CEO on-boarding, support, and performance management

Merger planning and implementation

If your organization is facing challenges like these, we’ll use field-tested methodologies to assist the Board with development and implementation of a customized and effective plan. Even if anticipated transitions are far off, now is an excellent time to prepare.

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