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Our Vision: Leaders Who Thrive… from the Start and for the Long Term

We want to see top-level leaders flourish - to systematically achieve the results they want and the outcomes their position demands - from the beginning and throughout their career.

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From Ken Gonyer - Certified Executive Coach and Consultant:

True confessions: in my first year as a CEO, I made plenty of mistakes, took a number of wrong turns, and lost more sleep than I should have.

One thing I wish I’d had at the time is an executive coach. That’s why I’m now a Certified Executive Coach myself, and why I’m passionate about helping CEOs. These days, new and seasoned CEOs come to me when they need a confidential sounding board – someone other than their Board or their Executive Team (or their spouse 😊).

They're looking for a higher level conversation where they can process strategies and situations with someone who brings an outside perspective along with industry experience. I’ve learned many lessons the hard way – now I’d like to help CEOs and senior leaders learn faster and maybe avoid some of the mistakes and bruises as well as the loneliness that I struggled with as the top executive.

I've logged hundreds of coaching hours with executive-level leaders. These conversations include strategic insight as well as brutal honesty and sincere empathy. My passion is for you to thrive in your position, so my goal is to help you see things as they are and make plans to go where you want to go. If you're looking for something like this, reach out. I'd be happy to hear from you.

All my professional details are in my LinkedIn profile: linkedin.com/in/kengonyer, if you're interested. On the off-hours, I love serving in the community, speaking, writing, and trying to stay healthy by training at the gym and hiking in the Shenandoah Valley, where my wife and I raised the two wonderful young adults who call us Mom and Dad.

“I worked at Peoples Advantage FCU for 8 years prior to becoming President/CEO.  Despite my knowledge of the organization, culture and team, I knew there would be challenges though my transition.  Working with Ken has provided me with tools and skills to help develop and coach my team so that we can work together and communicate more effectively.  His guidance has helped me navigate operational setbacks, organizational change, and achieve strategic goals. I’d highly recommend Ken as an executive coach to any new or developing leader, as his knowledge and skills have been invaluable.”
Amanda Habansky, President/CEO, Peoples Advantage Federal Credit Union

"Ken is a successful former CEO who possesses powerful coaching skills and is well-equipped with the tools and methods to help executives and leaders in the financial services field to quickly achieve strategic clarity. His style and approach make it easy for leaders to probe issues from various perspectives, explore different scenarios and possibilities, generate new insights, and get clear about how to move forward. I've observed his coaching first hand and highly recommend his work."
Andrew Neitlich, Founder, Center for Executive Coaching

"Ken is an astute strategic leader whose guidance helped me connect to my strategic thinking. Ken's expertise and ability to ask powerful and meaningful questions allowed insightful solutions to emerge from our coaching. His great humility and authenticity enable him to drive smooth conversation toward outstanding results."
Serge Ekedi, MBA, ACC, CEO of Yanas Consulting

"Ken is a strategic thinker who understands the nuances within an organization. His ability to ask questions clarifies direction and cultivates ownership. The skills Ken brings to the table are necessary and vital for the health of any organization."
Rick Martin, PhD, Dean of the College of Education, Calvary Chapel University

"It was immediately evident to me that Ken is a natural when it comes to his willingness to tackle complex leadership issues. His qualifications, experience, and performance as a coach will exceed your expectations."
Dorothy Mason, MBA, SHRM-SCP, Chief People Officer, Starmount Healthcare

"Ken is a great listener and can blend high level strategic thinking with a really personalized view. It is also clear he knows a lot about change processes. When blending all these skills together Ken offers great value to people and organizations."
Johan Fredlund, Regional Manager, Interim Consulting West, Aspia, Sweden

"I don't know many other professionals who can claim to have been in the shoes of his clients and who also has the processes, tools, and methods to help them solve their most pressing strategic and operational challenges effectively and efficiently. With Ken, you get more than a process. You also get his deep insights and ability to help you solve very complex problems and issues on the way to developing strategy and succeeding in your role. Ken brings humility and curiosity to his work in a way that removes obstacles and encourages meaningful conversations. If you want your organization to gain a strategic edge or want to improve performance in your team or organization, get in touch with Ken.
Colin Macleod, former CEO of the Channel Islands Co-operative Society

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Reliance Leadership Strategies is a division of Reliance Consulting Resources, LLC, which was formed in 2020 and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Park View Federal Credit Union in Harrisonburg, VA. Both Reliance Leadership Strategies and HR Reliance operate under the umbrella of Reliance Consulting Resources and offer complementary leadership strategic services. While we have our unique products and solutions, we are partnering together to consider the training and leadership development needs of all people and positions in an organization.