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Executive Development

Are you getting the results you want and the outcomes your position demands?

We can help. At Reliance Leadership Strategies, we use an efficient, high-impact process of dialogue that helps high-performing executives improve results in ways that are both immediate and sustained over time. This coaching process will help you respond to change, get clear on goals, develop sound strategy, and implement plans to reach your organization’s objectives.

You don't have to go at it alone. As you move your vision forward, you’ll have a confidential sounding board and support for your growth as a leader. We’re equipped to use best-in-class leadership assessments and conduct confidential interviews to give you crystal clarity about your impact as well as practical methods to improve your leadership effectiveness.

Although leadership challenges differ from organization to organization and from situation to situation, several core leadership and management skills are common to all executive roles. Our process will help you excel in key areas such as:

  • Leading change
  • Leadership effectiveness
  • Powerful communication
  • Resolving unproductive conflict
  • Overcoming overwhelm with priority management
  • Engaging employees
  • Collaboration
  • Effective execution

Reliance Leadership Strategies is a trusted resource to top leadership, helping executives to gain strategic clarity, overcome overwhelm, and lead through transitions with confidence.

Leaders in executive roles share some common frustrations:

  • It’s hard to find strategic clarity, whether for their organization or their own career.
  • It can feel overwhelming to lead and make things happen in their complex organizations, which erodes their confidence and causes stress.
  • As a result, many executive-level leaders don’t enjoy as much fulfillment or satisfaction from their roles as they want, and some are close to burning out.


Reliance Leadership Strategies changes all that.

  • You develop a laser-like focus and a clear plan for execution.
  • You have more impact and confidence as a leader.
  • You spend more time on the things that matter most for the success of your role and your organization.


Work with a seasoned former CEO with decades of experience in executive leadership – someone who also brings proven, practical solutions to address the challenges you face.

Our solutions are grounded in research from psychology and best practices in leadership and organizational development. More importantly, they’ve been tested in the field, and they work. If you’d like to gain strategic clarity in your role, let’s get started!

Ken is exactly the kind of executive advisor that the market needs; he brings significant experience as an operational executive as well as deep expertise in the consulting, executive coaching, and leadership advisory disciplines. I don't know many other professionals who can claim to have been in the shoes of his clients and who also has the processes, tools, and methods to help them solve their most pressing strategic and operational challenges effectively and efficiently. With Ken, you get more than a process. You also get his deep insights and ability to help you solve very complex problems and issues on the way to developing strategy and succeeding in your role. I've observed Ken in a number of situations in which he has coached other professionals. He brings humility and curiosity to his work in a way that removes obstacles and encourages meaningful conversations. If you want your organization to gain a strategic edge or want to improve performance in your team or organization, get in touch with Ken.

Colin Macleod, former CEO of the Channel Islands Co-operative Society

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