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Strategic Insights

Check in regularly for Ken Gonyer's timely tools and helpful content for executive leaders.

  • Reliance Leadership Strategies is a division of Reliance Consulting Resources, LLC. My colleagues Yvonne Boettger and Kay Manchester run another division called HR Reliance. While I focus on executive leadership at C-level, including strategic planning and executive coaching for CEOs and their boards, Yvonne and Kay work with organizations' HR departments, providing training for emerging leaders, consulting on best practices in HR, and much more. Check out our article for the Christian Retail Association called Ask the Experts: Q&A on Staffing and People Strategy. Yvonne and Kay are also Certified Facilitators for the Working Genius assessment. Read about that here.
  • Many organizations are great at creating strategies, but few actually see them through. I'm a fan of 4DX - The Four Disciplines of Execution, from Franklin Covey. Take a look at this six-minute video to give you an overview. 4DX is not new - but it's a proven framework for strategic execution. It's worked for me in multiple contexts. If you'd like to learn more, let's talk!
  • This insightful article, 7 Critical Challenges to Test Your Potential as a Leader and a CEO, was published on in March of 2021. Among the seven issues addressed, I would rate #4 the highest: “Provide leadership to drive a transformation.” After little success in convincing individuals of the need to reinvent our company, I was asked by my friend Dr. Mike Bechtle if I’d ever written it all down. Once I did so, I was able to share my written vision with groups of leaders at all levels. For me, this document was the key to providing leadership that would drive a transformation.
  • The Top 3 CEO Blind Spots – this article from a few years back uses data from thousands of team assessments to point out areas where CEOs’ perceptions of their teams differ from how the teams see themselves. For example, while 92% of CEOs believe their team is on board with key strategies, only 2% of teams list the same top strategic priorities. I see this alignment problem as the result of the innate insulation of the CEO role. It takes intention and energy to push through and engage with leaders at all levels, to communicate powerfully, and to have the needed two-way conversations. The outcome will be strategic alignment, where everyone is focused on and committed to achieving a shared vision.
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